Yanderplane is the HARD-Mode version of Tsunderplane. It is an enemy in Hotland.



Yanderplane is a plane with pink braids. It wears a red bow, and there is blotches of red on it.


Yanderplane acts as a Yandere over the protagonist, constantly trying to grab the player's attention but to no avail. She is easily flattered by the player but at the same time easily angered.

In Battle

Appears With

  • None


  • Several planes fly across the board, and drop knives. As the battle progresses, the knives get dropped faster until the battle ends.
  • The board is minimized to wear a warning appears, diving the board into three sections. The warning will appear in one of the sections, before a huge katana covers that section.


  • If the player uses the "Notice" ACT, Yanderplane's attacks will get slower.
    • If the player then uses the "Compliment" ACT after using Notice, this will allow Yanderplane to be spared.

On Genocide route, similar to Snowdrake, Yanderplane must be killed before the kill count is exhausted, otherwise the route will be aborted to Neutral.


  • When will you notice me Senpai? [Check]
  • I just love everything about you~ [Neutral]
  • ... [Neutral when spareable]
  • U-ugh! I'm tired of t-this! [Don't Notice]

Flavor Text

  • Ironically, Yanderplane didn't notice. [Compliment before Notice]
  • Yanderplane blocks your pathway! [Encounter]



  • On Genocide Route, when saving, the text will say, "That Sicko..."
  • If Yanderplane is killed, similar to Tsunderplane, it will explode, however the explosion is red.
  • Yanderplane does not show up anywhere else.