— Xerneas

Xerneas is Phil's Pokemon, commonly working together with Yveltal.


Xerneas is a smart, caring individual with plenty of love to give. She cares more about others than herself and will sacrifice herself for a true friend.


Xerneas is a mainly black deer-like creature, with the head and chest part being royal blue and cream. She has eight vivid coloured horns upon her head, giving her the illusion of being the letter "X".


  1. Moonblast
  2. Geomancy
  3. Megahorn
  4. Thunderbolt



Xerneas is Yveltal's sister, sharing an eternal bond with him. Yveltal is incredibly special to Xerneas, and she believes that she knows everything about Yveltal, however, Yveltal keeps some things from her.


You have to stay strong. Don't be weakened by someone weaker than you.

—Xerneas to Yveltal

Stop telling people to do what you want when you're not even doing what you should be doing yourself. Being kind.

—Xerneas to opponent trainer

Battle Info

Xerneas is level 89, unlike Yveltal, who is level 76. She holds a Fairy Plate[1], which boosts her Fairy Type move, Moonblast. Her ability is Fairy Aura, which is the default ability for Xerneas.

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