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Not the best channel in the day, but it's great later at night.

—Snowdin Times

Underchannel+ is a television station, situated in the Underground, which was brought there and owned by Papyrusland, where it also airs. It was the first television channel in the Underground, bringing meaning to the formerly useless televisions. Many channels followed suit, including Underchannel-, which is also owned by Papyrusland, except it is aimed at younger monsters and humans.


Ferry's Way (13+)

This program follows the Ferry Monster from Waterfall, and how he got to where he is today. Contains mild language and mild violence.

Cooking With a Killer Robot

Mettaton, the Underground's favourite television actor, stars in this cooking / comedy show, attempting to bake a cake, needing a human soul as the main ingredient.

Spider Tea (16+)

Spider Tea is a talk show hosted by Muffet the Spider. Muffet will interview upcoming Underground stars, but until any come about, she will only interview Mettaton. Contains extreme language and touches on questionable subjects.