They treat their members like gods and goddesses. Each and every week, they splurge multiple billions at high-end outlets, buying the finest clothing that exists. Additionally, they travel the world often to experience the best vacations the world can offer. They often visit places such as the Maldives, Madrid, Seychelles, and Bora Bora. Moreover, they go to their private gym to to tone their bodies, the private spa to improve their complexion and attend balls and banquets to have the time of their lives. This is their story.


Denise Brighlynn Haylee Marzia Héloïse Abel

Lydia Ivanna Feliciana Desiree Abel

Lake Walter Jameston Rolan Abel

Juliette Everleigh Lavenall Clara Katherinè Abel

Mercedes Logyn Opra September Mèe Abel

Accalia Porzia Kyléne Gaëlle Ethel Roseanna Abel

Hazel Noémi Odette Adelaine Primrose Abel

October Michelea Oulette Nancelle Abel

Ophelia Aglaë Gwenaëlle Léonne Abel

Svetlena Maïa Josèphine Ariyësta Abel

Romana Lucelle Adaphine Parisa Abel

Chapter One - A Delightful Morning


It is morning in the Abel household, and Lydia, the eldest child, wakes up to the pitter-patter of tiny drops of rain against her big plexi-glass window. She then looked at her alarm clock. 6:00am. She is the child who gets up the earliest, who wakes up at 6:00 sharp (because she goes to a cheerleading school, and is the cheer captain), Mercedes and Juliette both wake up at 6:30am, Accalia, Hazel and October have to get up at 7:35am, Ophelia and Lake wake up at 8:00am, and Svetlena and Romana wake up at 9:00am. Lydia then stretches her feet, legs and arms and then walks downstairs, and she sees that her parents are at the kitchen table waiting for her and the other children. Lydia says that she will be cheering at a football game. Mercedes and the other Abel children then get up, The mother, Denise then gets up out of her chair and cooks up some heart-shaped blueberry pancakes. The children finish their breakfast and they then get ready for school. Since Romana is only one, Svetlena is two, and Ophelia is four and can't go to school yet, Denise will drop them off at Nursery from 10:30 to 1:45. Lydia then puts on her clothes, grabs her backpack and tells her parents that she is going to school. Lydia attends the Rosenthal Cheer School, an exclusive school for penguins who wish to be professional cheerleaders. It's right beside her house, so she visits often. Denise then takes a handful of spinach leaves and guava, and places it into her Nutribullet blender, and goes to drop off Accalia, Hazel and October at Kindergarten and Ophelia, Svetlena and Romana at Nursery. The other children go on the bus to school.

Chapter Two - (tba, but giving the chapter a different name)

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