Come To The Pookie Dinner and Playplace Today! (aired 1961)

The camera fades to the outside of the restaurant, and a male voiceover says "The Pookie Dinner and Playplace has opened it's doors! Stop on by today to try our delicious food!" and a girl pookies skips up to the camera, and says "The food is awesome!" and takes a bite out of a burger. A jingle then plays, and female voices sing "Grab your kids, we're going on a trip you won't forget, it's The Pookie Dinner and Playplace, it serves food you won't forget!" and it fades to black.

Pookie Group (aired 1961)

The first thing we see are a group of five pookies, three boys and two girls. A male voiceover than says, "We brought these pookies in to taste a normal hamburger." Each pookie gets a burger, and they chew. One of the boy pookies say "I give up! Where's the taste?" a girl pookie then says "Is this some kind of a joke?" and they all laugh. The same male voiceover then proceeds to say "These pookies have spoken, and The Pookie Dinner and Playplace responds with their twist on the burger!". The screen switches to the same pookies eating the second burger, and they all smile and giggle. The scene freeze frames.

Your Meal, Your Way (aired 1962)

We see a family of four jump out a car. TBA

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