Sabrina herself

Sabrina Dupian is an actress, famous for her role as Molly in 10 Things Before Middle School. She has 3 kids, Jocelyne (8), Maria (5), and Izzy (4). She is 26 years old and is unmarried. She is also a singer, as she released her debut album, Love Has Its Own Wings. 


Sabrina Dupian was so smart that she skipped up to the third grade in second grade. In fourth grade, she played the role as Ruby in Ruby and the Ruby for her school play. In 6th grade, she won a spelling bee and got a year's supply of notebooks. When she was in 10th grade, she starred in her first movie, A Star Is Born, as Lucy. 


A Star Is Born - Lucy (G)

The Lost Princess - Starlight (PG)

Crappy And Dabby - Dabby (PG-13)

Crappy And Dabby 2: The Return - Dabby (PG-13)

My Sister's a Werewolf - Trinity (R)

Pop Star Living - Kylie (G)

Crappy And Dabby 3: Really Shitty Problems - Dabby (PG-13)

Sex Letter - Zoe (R)

Period Blood - Dolly (PG-13)

Mama, I Need My Sex Toys - Georgia (R)

The Kiss Of Death - Deliah (PG-13)

TV Shows

10 Things Before Middle School (1-10) - Molly

Teddy Town  (1-6) - Gracie 

Billy's Adventures (1-7) - Billy's enemy, Nora

Marvelous: The Adventures of Dot-Spotted and Kitty Kat (1-9) - Kitty Kat/Ashley Dunderdale

Angela's Ballet Class(1-8) - Angela

Evil Evie (1-4) - Evie


Love Has Its Own Wings (2017)

Getting Ready

Techno Dance ft. DJ Cadence

Fuckin' People

All I Need Is A Drink


Don't Worry, It'll Just Kill You


She was born April 5th, 1991.

She once went to court for not revealing 1 million dollars she had made from Love Has Its Own Wings and she won.


"It's a song about how I took my first shot of vodka." -Sabrina Dupian talking about All I Need Is A Drink

  • WHO KILLED NICK?!" -Deliah in The Kiss Of Death