Pookieville is an amusement park located in New Penguin City and Penguin Town. It is aimed at pookies aged 2 to 7.


There were tons of amusement parks around the world. Hundreds of them. But the only problem was, these parks were aimed at middles, biggies and adults. The rides there were too scary for pookies. The people there were too creepy for pookies.

A penguin named Evelyn Addington had a dream. To create an amazing land where pookies could go and have fun and do whatever they wanted to do. She drew some blueprints and after a few years, she saved enough money to buy a small piece of land in New Penguin City, and then Pookieville opened it's doors in 1974. In 1990, it opened it's doors in Penguin Town.

There was only two restaurants and one kiddy ride, but within a year, Pookieville became "the place to be". Evelyn quickly expanded the park, and it was then turned into what Pookieville is today. They currently have 10 kiddy rides, including 2 full sized coasters, 5 restaurants, and 6 shows. They are planning to add a special 'mini-game' section to the park in 2021, where pookies can buy tickets and try to win prizes.


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