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Persephone Ruhaani Santon, professionally known as Ruhaani Santon and most commonly known by her nickname Percy Santon and her YouTube alias ^PercyTheParasaurolophus^ is a British youtuber, dancer and artist with a mother of Indian originwho is affected by ADHD and Dyslexia. An experienced and talented dancer trained in Kathak and Kuchipudi, she is well commended for her fluid movements whilst dancing and extravagant expressions.


Santon was born in 1994 in Exeter, Devon to Walter and Mallika Santon. She has an older sister named Evelyn, born in 1989, who has her own channel but frequently appears in her sister's channel. Santon's mother was a professional dancer, and heavily influenced by her. Both sisters were homeschooled and at the age of 15, they moved to London so Percy could pursue a course in dance. At the age of 14, Percy uploaded her first video after losing a bet to her sister.