Pearl Zelma Icebird is a singer that lives in Penguin City. She is best known for her short clips she would upload to her PenguinTube account of her singing songs. She has two children and is pregnant as of now. Her spouse is Willi Harrington.


Pearl was born on November 1, 2000 to Arbet and Julise Icebird. She grew up with 6 siblings. 2 boys, 1 set of twins and 2 sisters. She started singing when she was six years old. Before she started to sing, Pearl loved to go to school and do gymnastics. She was curious about the world around her. She loved assisting animals, and that was when she started to sing. She would sing so loudly everyone passing by could hear.

Pearl loved her family near and dear. In 2004 her mother died of an unidentified illness. She was 49 years old. Her father was left to take care of her all by himself, until he met Athena Re'cai. She was a woman who loved to sing and play the violin. Pearl started to play violin when she was 6, and was taught everything from Athena. 

In May 2007, her school, Reynolds Elementary was holding a talent show, and Pearl though she could play her violin. So, she went and auditioned. She was accepted, and her parents recorded a video of playing some simple notes on her violin. It was then when a record producer spotted her.  She was only 7 years old, but the producer loved her anyway. After the show, he found Pearl and asked her parents if she could come in for some music training. They agreed. After a couple weeks of training, Pearl was an expert at writing songs and singing them too. In 2008, when she was 8 years old, her first album was released, entitled 'Colors', which became in instant hit for pookies and their parents. Reynolds in currently 16 years old and has released 6 albums, and over 50 songs.


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