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"Mystery is the spice of life."

                                    --Oro D. Hemera 

Oro D. Hemera, also known by her epithet Kagehime (Lit. Shadow Princess), changed to Puppetmaster in the English versions, is the vice captain of the Heart Pirates. Originally introduced as a doe-eyed actress in a small, remote theater, she has since joined the Heart Pirates. She has eaten the Dime Dime no Mi, which allows her to manipulate the reins of space and time itself. she currently holds a bounty of 520,000,000 Beli. 


Hemera is a fairly short and petite woman with long black hair and thock, dark eyelashes. In the manga, her eyes are a more opaque sky blue, but in the anime, they are a clearer ocean blue. She has a regular shaped nose, and full, albeit pale lips and a pasty complexion and rather narrow shoulders. After the time skip, she is marred by a stitched scar that stretches from the right end of her mouth and cover the majority of her cheek. 


Hemera has appeared only four times before the timeskip: once in Alabasta, the second time in Sabaody Archipelago, the third time in Marineford and the fourth and final time in Amazon lily.

In Alabasta, she wore loose white robes paired with loose white headscarf, and her entire face was shaded to maintain the mystery of her character, only the lower part of her face for a few seconds in a twisted grin.

In Sabaody and Marineford, she a white, kimono-style jacket with black leggings and pumps.

In Amazon Lily, she wore a traditional black evening  jacket and a long white skirt.