Miya Quivette is an SVTFOE oc made by Tech, the others being Chloe Diaz and Sylvia Marren.


Don’t be fooled by her cute innocent face - this girl is wild and knows how to have a good time! She tends to be the one to suggest wild and silly things for the fun of it! she's the personal party planner-neighbor. Wether it's a birthday party, graduation - anything, she's the one to call.


A rather chubby person, Chloe has fair skin and rosy cheeks. She also has blonde hair and blue eyes, and often wears dark red lipstick. She wears a v-neck sweatshirt that is caramel and creamy yellow, a denim skirt, striped leggings that match her shirt and black lace-up boots.


  • She's 15 years old.
  • Her favorite colors are black and navy blue.
  • Her "dere" is Dandere.