Little Bo Creep is a fanmade mini boss monster, found in a hidden room in the Ruins. She only appears when the player goes back to the Ruins before fighting Sans on Genocide, before fighting Asgore on Neutral, and going back to the Ruins before returning to the surface on Pacifist.



Little Bow Creep seems to wear a polka dot hat that covers her eyes. A braid is tucked on her shoulder. She wears another polka dress, presumably pink, with cloth sewn onto it. The hat is tied by a ribbon and the ribbon is held by her chin.

She has a cane that is tied by a light blue ribbon, and on her other hand she carries a knife.


Little Bow Creep is an extremely quiet person, often never speaking, although it seems she is very forgetful. However, when she is very short tempered and violent, trying to force the player into their death violently and slowly. She also seems to be mysterious and would be considered the one who hits secrets.


Little Bow Creep has the ability to change her ribbon's color, only to warn the player if she is using an orange or blue attack. She also has the ability to split the bullet board in sections.

Main Story

Little Bow Creep was once a nice and caring monster, however, when she heard the story of how gruesome humans were, she turned cold blooded and was determined to kill all human kind. However, this caused her to refuse to interact with anyone else, meaning she is not very well known.

When the players falls, she becomes even more infuriated, especially in Genocide Route. Unlike Pacifist, her attacks are much stronger and faster, while in Pacifist, the more the player attempts to spare her, her attacks get much weaker and slower, until she flees the battle.

When Alphys took monsters for testing with Determination, her sister was taken in and became Lemon Bread. This most likely means Little Bow Creep is another Shyren except her Shyren features are covered up by her clothes.

In Battle

In Pacifist, Little Bo Creep is considered the Secret True Boss, in Genocide, the Prepare for Sans, and in Neutral, just another secret boss. No matter what route the player takes, she despises the protagonist no matter what. She cannot change the Soul Color unless the player is in Genocide, in which she changes the soul to Orange.