Lillith Maren Sawk (born November 30, 1980, nèe Ward) is an author living in Penguin City. She is Dunstan von Sawk, and they have four children, Mavis (10), Suri (4), Finn (9) and Zelma and Zariah (twins, age 1)


Lillith was born November 1980 to proud parents Jillian and Roscoe Ward. Lillith was the third youngest out of four brothers and three sisters, which made life stressful for her. Fortunately, she kept going. She started writing and illustrating at the young age at three years old. Then, when she was in 5th grade, she practiced orchestra. Lillith didn't like playing music anymore, so she switched back to writing and illustrating. When she was in high school she was in the writing club, and was very devoted, and was even promoted to co-leader. When she graduated high school, she decided not to go to college, and met Dunstan von Sawk. They then has their first date, and got married after 2 months.