Kirsiõite TV


Kirsiõite TV is a TV network in the Viridian Galaxy. It airs various TV shows and movies. It was founded January 2015 by Sapphire Blacketts.


These are the mascots for Kirsiõite TV. Some mascots are only used for certain blocks.

Children's Castle mascots

  • Kathryn - A bubbly girl pookie with freckles and blonde hair
  • Amparo - A genderfluid pookie who is rather quiet and loves to read
  • Dextor - An athletic boy pookie who loves to swim
  • Ruth - A very smart girl pookie who is in a wheelchair
  • Arista - A pookie with connections to the supernatural, gender not specified

Infinite Fun mascots

  • Elspeth - A girl who looks like a redheaded Star Butterfly
  • Ruby - A human with some aspects of a crystal gem from Steven Universe
  • Lisa - A human girl who can shapeshift
  • Adrian - A character similar to Lincoln from The Loud House
  • An unnamed character that looks similar to a brunette version of Lapis Lazuili from Steven Universe

Teen Galaxy mascots

  • Atzura - A genderfluid penguin who is a witch
  • Uriah - A black haired transgender penguin who can cast magic spells
  • Blaize - A brunette who can make things catch fire
  • Taiga - A redhead who is immune to poison
  • Aster and Draco - Two male twins that are polar opposites.


Children's Castle

  • In Teddy Town - We see Kathryn walking to the gate of Teddy Town. Mr Teddy opens the door and Kathryn walks in. The teddies then play with Kathryn and the logo appears after the scene blurs and freeze frames.
  • Turtle Tots - We see Arista with Zachary and gives him a candy bowl. He takes one of the candies and zooms across the screen. The camera pans to Arista with a confused look on her face. The logo appears after that.
  • Bunny Barn - Amparo races Bella to her house, but they trip over the magic bunny and fall into the bunny hole, and they pop out.
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