Helen Josephine Clancy (born April 25, 1986, neè Fisher) is an actress living in the Penguin Tropicals. She is married to  Clancy (age 30, also an actor) and together they raise 4 children. Penelope (5), Sheena (10) and Rey and Cilan (twins, 2). 


Helen Fisher was born April 25, 1986 to proud parents Polina and Andre Fisher. She was so far their only child. Fisher is best known for her acting career. Her father, Andre Fisher, was the one who got Helen into acting as a young age. She first made her television debut in a commercial for Cindel's Family Dinner at the age of four. She only had one line, but people loved her. It wasn't very long before producers were fighting for Helen. By the time she was eight years old, she had already been in 8 commercials, 3 TV shows, and 1 major motion picture.



Year Title Role Quote Notes
1990 She's Not Me Kendall "That can't be... but I'm better than her." Main
1993 The Toybox Charlie The Car "Zoom, zoom, zoom!" Supporting role
1995 Lonely Christmas Lucidia "Why are you so obsessed with me..." Supporting role
1998 For Reference Only Ester "I'm sorry! I'll return the book!" Main
2000 Burnt To Hell Emily "2-4-6-8... gah, I got nothing..." Minor role
2001 A Boy And His Trumpet Tessa "You're horrible. You'll never get better." Minor role
2004 Her Best Friend Rebecca "Yes! I'll marry you!" Supporting role
2009 A Snake In The Grass Valentine "I'm human too, idiot." Main
2011 Miss Officer Shauna "Hands up!" Main
2012 Where Not To Build A School Janine "It looked barely human and had three heads. When I saw it I ran out of the school like hell." Major role
2015 The Games Children Play Dalyah "What are you doing here at this time of night?" Supporting role
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