Maxwell Hall never had imagination. Maybe the skills, but not the imagination. But that was changed when Lexi Wayne came a long. Lexi was athletic and imaginative, but she couldn't do normal work normal people could. That change too when Max met Lexi.

Max and Lexi became the ultimate duo. Nothing could break the bond. Two ten year olds, would soon change the world.

By Object, inspired by Bridge to Terabithia.

Chapter 1 ~ First Day Of 6th Grade

Max's POV

School. I hated that word so much. I wanted to rip it. But no matter how hard I grasp at the word, a barrier keeps my hand from touching it. Words stuck on a piece of paper.

My alarm woke me up at 5:00 AM. Grouchy, I hastily combed my hair and changed into school clothes. "Good morning, Max dear." My mother said in her false cheerful tone. If this morning isn't terrible, I don't know what is.

I ignored her and tried running out the door. She tripped me as I was walking to the door, my books fallig with a thud. "You can do your chores later. Eat now." She said strently, pointing to a broken chair.

My sisters snickered at me, I responded with a glare. Right when I sat down, the chair broke and I hit the cold floor. "Shut up." I whispered to my sisters, so my mom couldn't here. I quickly downed the orange juice, and when my mom wasn't looking, ran out the door.

I turned on the sprinklers to water the grass, check the greenhouse, milk the cows, plant more seeds, and quickly ran out. I was soaked from head to toe, but it was too late to turn back, because a loud honk heard from miles interrupted my thoughts.

I quickly climbed in. "Kid, I ain't go no day. You can hit the road instead." The bus driver said coldly. My sisters were already in, and some of the older kids started laughing at me. I sat down alone as usual, when something gooey hit my head. "Hey farmer kid, want a lunch? I'll give you one for free since you can't afford one!" Candance, the eighth grade bully. She threw a piece of toast at me.

I stuck the finger at her, slumped down, and wanted to leave this horrid place.