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FamFam Time is a show on Pengy Middles that airs every Friday.

Characters (People not listed here are either minor characters or background characters)

Alannah (age 7, played by Sabrina Dupian)

Tara (age 4, played by Olivia Eevee)

Iris (age 4, played by Sophia Eevee)

Aiaska (age 6, played by Cecilia Bateman)

Kiara (age 35, played by Lauren Barker)

Zoe (age 3, played by Wendy Henry)

Sarah (age 12, played by Anna Hisa)

Pearl (age 18, played by Aria Sana)

Ashley (newborn, played by undisclosed baby girl)


Baby Bump: Kiara announces that she is pregnant. Sarah develops a crush on a kindergartner. Pearl goes to her first disco without permission.

The Baby Is Here!: Kiara gives birth five months early. The kids get in an argument about cards. Ashley comes home.

What The Grounded?!: Pearl gets grounded for smoking. Sarah faints and has to go to the hospital. Ashley chokes on a slice of pizza.

Field Trip: Tara and Iris go on a field trip with their class. Alannah, Aiaska, Zoe and Ashely play princesses. Kiara, Sarah, and Pearl go out to eat.

Barbie World: Barbie World opens up. Sarah cheats on her test. Pearl signs up for hip-hop.

The NON-Religious Friendly Friend: Tara and Iris meet Loki, a girl who hates reglion until she gets hit in the head. Sarah falls in love with a 9th grader. Pearl suffers from a eating disorder.

Eating Disorder (special 1-hour episode): Pearl still has Anorexia and faints after a week of having it. She goes to the hospital and she finds out that she's killing heself.

Orchestra Problems: Pearl loves to play violin! Until she breakes her hand. Ashley learns how to walk. Tara and Iris start a new language called TriIis. 

Baby's First Birthday!: Ashely has her first birthday. Alannah, Aiaska, and Zoe try to find the hidden golden moon. Aiaska gets diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer Problems (Pengy Middles were paid to make this episode, also, it's a special 1-hour episode): Aiaska gets sent to a children's hospital so that she would be confident, but she gets her left leg removed. 

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