Delia Kline (born May 3, 1989, nèe Atticus) is a singer and skiier living in Fandom City. She is married to Chetwin Kline and they have two children, Zelma (7) and Elle and Salvatora (twins, both 5)



This is Delia, as of April 2016.

As a child, Delia always adored singing. Ever since she learned she could sing, she would lock herself in her room and sing along to whatever was on the radio and would never let anyone hear her rehearse. When she was eight, she was accepted into her school, Selason Elementary's official singing club, built for only professionals. This meant she had to stay at school for an extra few hours. Delia was one of the star singers, the other two being Renee Ketchum and Ronnie James. This lead to loads of bullying over the years.

When she graduated from elementary school to move on to Rowlander High School, she took her singing skills with her to perform at the talent show. She was so good she was on the news, seen on newspapers and won lots of money. She was then discovered by a record producer and asked her if she wanted to come in to start a career. She and her parents agreed. After a few months, her first song, called "I'm Gonna Make It", was released when she was 17 years old. At this point, Delia made lots of money. She moved out, graduated college, and bought a mansion and a private jet. It was then when she met Chetwin Kline. They were eventually married when she was 20. When she was 19, she started her skiiing career.