Chapter One - Me

My name is Brayden West and I am 7 years old. According to Annie, my sexist mother, I am a big mistake and never should have been born. When I was born, my mother desired a girl pookie whom she would name Mary Marie. My older sister, Misty (who is ten years old), gets to go to a school, but I go to a boarded up Pre-K mainly inhabited by homeless pookies. So I am abused at home. Sometimes Misty would take part in abusing me.


7 years ago I was kicking at my mother's tummy, waiting to be free. "Congratulations!" the doctor happily exclaimed. "It's a boy!"

My mom's jaw dropped open like a crazy killer broke in her igloo. "No, no no! This can't be happening! I WANTED A GIRL!" she screamed.

"Well, you cannot abort him, for it is illegal here. Name the baby, please." replied the doctor.

"Fine. His name is Brayden." scoffed my mother.

After they warmed and weighed me I was taken home and held by my mother. Things would soon take a turn for the worse. This is my story.

Chapter Two - Coffee Craze

"Brayden!" yelled my mother. "Get me a coffee or you'll get whooped!"

I went up and made my mother a coffee. "REMEMBER TO PUT SUGAR IN IT!" she added.

I made the coffee and poured the whole bag in. I then went over and gave it to her. She sipped and spat it out. "This is too sweet!" she screamed and hit me with the newspaper. "BAD!"

"You could have told me how much sugar you wanted!" I cried. "Don't backtalk me, sasafrass!" she retaliated. It was then that Misty was going to school, and she giggled as I was being yelled at by my mom. "Have a good day today, honey!" Mom ran up and gave Misty a big kiss. "Bye Mom!" she giggled and walked out the door with her sweather slinging over her shoulder. This unfair treatment has to stop! I thought. Misty gets everything!

As I walked out the door, nothing would make me forget these words mom said:

You're brainless, you're stupid, you're useless. You're no child of mine!

I silently walked out the door holding a wet sack of "supplies" from the sink. It had dog poop for "my snack", wet paper and a pencil with a broken led. While Misty has high-class school supplies I get this. 

I walked down the driveway and went on the bus. 

"What's with you?" asked Ellie, one of the girls at my school that takes the bus.

"I'm just clumsy, Ellie." I replied.

"Oh. Okay." she said and sat back down.

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